Vincent’s Colors: words and pictures by Vincent van Gogh

vangoghThis is a beautiful book to introduce Vincent van Gogh to young readers and budding artists alike. Van Gogh wrote more than 800 letters to his friends and family in his lifetime. The majority of those letters were to to his younger brother Theo. Vincent’s Colors features Van Gogh’s dynamic and colorful paintings and what he wrote about them, translated and in rhyme, to his brother Theo.

The text for each painting is a starting point for discussion, but the topics are endless: What catches your eye first in this painting? What colors do you see? What shapes do you see? Point out some of the lines you see in this painting. What do you think Van Gogh was thinking or feeling when he painted this picture? How do you think Van Gogh painted that sky or those leaves? How did he create movement in his sky? Is this painting a landscape, a portrait or a still life?

From insightful conversations to new creations for your refrigerator, this book has a lot of inspiration to offer.

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