Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo


Mercy Watson to the Rescue

Mercy Watson doesn’t want to sleep alone in her dark, scary room, so she sneaks into Mr. And Mrs. Watson’s bed and snuggles between them. Typical behavior of a preschooler, you say? Only problem is Mercy isn’t a preschooler. She’s a fun-loving pig with an affinity for warm, buttery toast.

Just when Mercy is deep into a dream about a plate piled-high with delicious, hot-buttered toast, she and the other dreaming Watsons are awakened by a “Boom!” The bed is falling through a second floor hole. And although Mr. Watsons tells everyone to stay where they are, Mercy dashes off to find…some hot buttered toast?!?

What happens next? A scare, a chase and firemen are called to the scene. Mercy’s love of toast turns her into the unwitting hero, or as the Watsons like to call her a “porcine wonder.”

This action-filled, fast moving story completely delighted me and my 5 year old daughter during our shared bedtime reading. And lots of chatter and giggles followed. If this first book is any indication of the rest, the Mercy Watson series is perfect for a beginning reader ready to give chapter books a try. It has so much to offer: easy to read text, vibrant illustrations, interesting characters and lots of humor and silliness. Next up on our reading list Mercy Watson Goes For a Ride. Looks like a fun, new adventure for sure!

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