Sergio Saves the Game! by Edel Rodriguez

sergiogameSergio Makes a Splash somehow never made our reading list. But after reading the second installment Sergio Saves The Game! by Edel Rodriguez it has now moved to the top of our list.

Sergio loves soccer, and in his dreams he’s fantastic. In real life, however, he’s always the last one chosen by his peers to play on a team. Leave it to momma penguin to make a worthwhile suggestion to her determined little one, “Well … Maybe you can try being a goalie! That’s a very important position.”

Sergio has some trouble in the beginning, but decides to practice, practice, practice before the big championship game. Eventually he gets pretty good. The game comes down to Sergio saving the one point lead during a final penalty kick from the Seagulls. The excitement mounts! Is Sergio able to match his spirit and courage to the stature and skill of the Seagull’s biggest player? Will he stop that ball?

Much like the mighty Seagulls on the opposing soccer team, I completely underestimated tiny Sergio. I LOVED reading this read aloud, and my daughter LOVED listening to it. There were lots of oohs and ahhs and laughing. Soccer fan or not, if you dig stories about facing challenges head-on, this story is for you. You’ll find yourself rooting for Sergio the whole way through … even if you do have a giggle or two at his expense.

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