Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem by Mac Barnett

btbluewhaleBilly Twitters never thought his mom would make good on her threat to buy him a blue whale if he didn’t clean his room, brush his teeth or eat his peas. Well, she certainly showed him! WhenFedUp delivery (slogan: delivering punishment worldwide) shows up with a blue whale, Billy is tasked with the obligation of taking his new, ginormous blue whale wherever he goes. And so Billy’s troubles begin.

Billy is uninvited to a pool party because, of course, his 100-foot blue whale can’t fit in the pool. He gets laughed at on the playground for having a very uncool pet. And after a long, exhausting day Billy still has whale maintenance to do: wash, wax and barnacle check his whale. Just when he contemplates an escape to Montana, Billy has a sudden realization that could make everything better.

If the story of Billy being burden with this big blue whale doesn’t make you laugh, then surely the illustrations (by Adam Rex) of Billy and his expressionless whale will. There’s Billy riding to school on his bike with a giant whale being pulled behind on a skateboard. And classmate Tilbie Peel getting stuck, head first, in the whale’s blowhole during a ride home from school. And my favorite, Billy playing seesaw with the whale’s fin during some quality outdoor park time.

Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem by Mac Barnett is a fun read. And you never know. It could be just the ammunition you need to get your young charge to clean his room, brush his teeth and eat his peas…or else.

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