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By day, The Book Light Club members always have a book tucked away for a quiet moment of escape. By evening, The Book Light Club members hide in the darkness of their room with only a small book light to illuminate their literary late night adventures.

The first and only rule of The Book Light Club is to write a “book talk” for books you read and love:

** A book talk is a short endorsement of a book that you would like to recommend to others. Books can include novels, picture books, comic books/graphic novels or even audio books.

**A book talk can be as short as a paragraph.

**A book talk should include a recommendation. For example: “If you like ___, you will love this book.” Or “I would recommend this book to anyone who ___” This is where you also might want to include clues to the genre (historical fiction, mystery, adventure, humor, science fiction, etc.) of your book.

**A book talk can highlight why you chose to share this book, why the book is amazing, and/or why it deserves to be read. Here are some ideas to highlight: the author’s writing style, how the book made you feel, how a particular character made you feel, a favorite part of the book, or a relevant connection to the book (Is timely because it’s something you are experiencing in your life right now? Or has it recently been in the news?).

**Finally, a picture of you reading or holding the book to be published on First Draft Café is completely optional, but greatly appreciated.

If you are ready to become a member of The Book Light Club, flash your book lights dash, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot, dot (Morse code for “yes”) and send a short endorsement for your favorite books to  We want to know what books are keeping you up at night! We look forward to your recommendations!

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